2021 – Week 32

Back in lockdown, the dome descends once more. My car sits in the carport, I can’t get the tyres repaired.

A bunch of new gear arrived and has been put into commission – Time Machine backup issues sorted, and a big backup duplication job underway. It took 13 days last time, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes this time.

First attempt failed at 3 hours into the fourth day. This particular source drive appears to have issues, and wouldn’t mount again until after a power cycle of the system, and a change of USB cable. Attempted to run the backup job a second time, but it failed. Now on a third attempt, it seems to be running faster to start, as it’s just going over what was copied previously.

All the questions I had about FastSpring appear to have answers that are the best possible outcome, so fingers crossed, I’ll be able to get that all sorted soon.