2021 – Week 40

After assembling the welding cart over the weekend, I realised getting it over the steps, when laden with the welder and gas bottle etc was just going to be too difficult, not to mention dangerous. So, I went looking for ramp wedges to sit in front of the step, so I could roll stuff in and out.

Unfortunately, the step is 120mm, whereas all the off-the-shelf wedge type ramps max out at 100mm. Then, I found a solution, which is a folding aluminium gangway type ramp, designed for wheelchair access. It’s a serious piece of kit, costing a couple of hundred dollars, but will do the job superbly.

Another achievement for the week was updating the Surfing The Deathline website, to put a separator between the Full Course collected edition, and the single issues. There’s a nifty responsive design thing where the separator changes from a vertical to horizontal line when the grid of lines becomes a single column.