2021 – Week 50

On the down side, we didn’t get the house.

On the up side, I got the welder back into operation, and started experimenting with different tip geometries, using my nifty new electrode grinder, which has made life significantly easier.

I picked up a third welding curtain and frame, thinking I’d join it to the existing pair, linking them as a single folding unit, that’ll let me screen off more of the carport, while meaning no increase to the amount of feet the screens use, as the middle one hangs between the other two. However, it proved unworkable as a solution, because there wasn’t any overlap between screens, which could have represented a flash hazard to anyone walking past. So after futzing around, I had three separate screens again.

I also picked up a third air-grinder, because they’re ridiculously cheap and therefore just having a different one for each type of grinding wheel – a sander, a grinder and a cutter, is easier than changing wheels. I also bought a cut-off grinder, which is like an angle grinder, but the cutting wheel is perpendicular to the handle, rather than parallel in a normal grinder. Again, they’re so ridiculously cheap that having dedicated tools for specific circumstances – the cut-off one will be for slicing thin rod, makes more sense than making-do with a less well suited tool.