2022 – Week 15

I sent off a submission to the ACCC’s inquiry into digital platforms.

Spent a couple of hours over at my storage tank sorting out a big box of eWaste. It’s always a little melancholy at storage, seeing a couple of decades of your life reduced to boxes in a garage. On the upside, it provides a chance to be around my hoard of sculpture materials.

First off, all the blue ethernet gets sorted out, then grouped by size. Then, all the other colours get sorted out, and then subdivided. Eventually the goal is to be able to have everything in separate boxes, sorted and labelled, and able to be picked out, without hunting.

A bit of a time suck for one day, was finding out my version (and earlier) of MacOS had been  locked out of  iCloud – which lead to a anxious few hours, as a result of logging out to test, and being unable to log back in. Thankfully, I found a solution, which seems to work for other machines suffering the same problem.