More Flowcharts

I realised recently that in the changeover to my new workstation, and the change to new operating system versions, my entire workflow for producing a Surfing The Deathline page art errata fix was broken.

Worse still, I couldn’t fit the entire thing in my head at once, so there was nothing for it, but to start mapping the whole thing out.

The process:

  • Adobe Indesign CS5.
    • Output all pages to individual .pdf files
    • Adobe Photoshop CS5.
      • Convert each page to .png, and .jpg files
      • Automator Workflow.
        • Rename files and copy them to the appropriate development folders
        • Chronosync Workflow.
          • Copy a subset of files to be used in the extract versions to the appropriate extract development folders.

A thought that occurs is to put the entire process into the Virtual Machine I’m using to run the Adobe apps, so that they’re sealed off against change.