2020 – Week 7

A lot of time spent in CAD, refining the design of my studio-in-a-box. The door has been a real conundrum – originally it was supposed to be a single full-width swing door, then I looked at roll-a-door (but they’re hyper-expensive), and sliding door options. Eventually, the trifold idea solved all the outstanding problems.

Originally I’d hoped to build the frame out of Stainless steel box-section, however at $220/6m length, vs. $24/6m of mild steel, I think the mild steel version is the way to go.

2020 – Week 6

A week of research, finding out yet more information about my planned welding setup.

Friday I was in Brisbane, visiting machinery shops, and looking at industrial equipment. So far, I’ve checked out a “silent” air compressor, which isn’t any louder than an air conditioner’s outdoor component, and a metal-cutting bandsaw, which likewise is very quiet. Both of them are quiet enough to talk over, as opposed to normal compressors, or metal cold saws / abrasive saws, which require hearing protection to avoid permanent damage.

All in all, good ideas for equipment intended to be used in a residential area.

2020 – Week 5

Most of the week has been spent trying to design a carport cupboard to keep my welding gear in.

We also had a session at the library Makerspace where we looked at the development of Noosa Mnemonic, and things are progressing. We have a definite path to produce a WebGL version of the project, which can be viewed in any modern browser.

It’s not a VR client, but it’ll do to demonstrate the concept, and perhaps attract notice, and funding, to flesh out a full VR client version.

In other things – here’s an example of why I bought the helmet-cam:

2020 – Week 3

Quiet week – had an electrician out trying to figure what’s wrong with the air conditioning, and looking into wiring in a new point to set up my welding gear.

Went to an exhibition on Friday night, with a bit of a stressy drive home – torrential rain, dark country roads, and oncoming traffic do not make for a great combination.

2020 – Week 2

A chill week, getting back into the rhythm of bike rides every day, and avoiding the heat. It’s amazing how quickly you lose condition when you skip riding regularly, and how much harder it is to regain it in hot weather.

Spent the weekend in Brisbane, and checked out an exhibition of spiders, including numerous live specimens, at the Qld Museum, then saw the new film 1917, which is amazing and gut-wrenching.

2020 – Week 1

A week of holiday, the highlight of which was New Year’s Eve. I set up a projector over the pool, invited friends around, and we spent the night floating in armchair Li-Los, drinking margaritas, ordering pizza, and watching horror comedy films.


Had stitches out the day before, and felt a lot better with them gone. I was able to get back on my bike, and start exercising again. Huzzah!