2018 – Week 33

Well the new displays arrived. I ended up going with a pair of Benq SW240s, which are a 10bit (8+2FRC) display, with 14bit LUTs. In other words, they’re pretty accurate, and they’re pretty adjustable to be kept accurate. I’m waiting on a dedicated colour calibrator that’ll come with them as well.

Short version – they’re magnificent. From a visual perspective, and from a usability perspective. Physical buttons that aren’t on the outside edges, micro-fine bezels, they put out no heat. Really can’t say a bad word about them.

One quirk – connecting them via Display Port, they show up as 59 HZ NTSC. The solution was to connect one via the DVI port on my graphics card, and the other by a DVI cable, to a DVI -> Display Port adapter, and into one of the card’s Display Ports.

One thing I lost with the older Dell display, was the CF card reader it had. I’ve replaced that with a little USB version.

I also grabbed a little app called SwitchResX which is necessary to enable 10 bit colour output from the Mac.

The other major thing this week, was my continuing battle with utilities providers over my late father’s estate – the power company, which had previously used details obtained under the guise of “giving me access to his account”, to move the power billing into a new account in my name, then tried to remove his pensioner discounts from a bill covering time in which he was alive, on the grounds that they only honour pensioner concessions, if said pensioner is alive at the time the bill is issued. After suggesting it should be pro-rataed, they agreed, so the $491 power bill is reduced to $247.

I’d be stuffed if I was a grieving elderly partner, who didn’t usually handle the utilities bills.