2018 – Week 34

A week of un-glamourous grunt work, that started with a wonderful chance to demo VR to a group of high school students, as a part of the Immerse High VR / AR film making competition.

It’s volunteer stuff, like a lot of the library makerspace stuff I’ve been doing, however it’s cementing my position as the Artist in Residence at the library, which is a huge kick for me.

The library also let me know they’re still interested in providing a permanent home for C45C4D3 – my gold circuit board sculpture, at the new Noosa makerspace which is in refurbishment at the moment.

The other major use of time this week, has been the continuing effort to reorganise my storage space. I bought a bunch of little dollies that are now strapped to the only sculpture that wasn’t on wheels. Now, I can move any of my heavy stuff around, easily and safely.

The week ended with a trip down to Brisbane, checking out all the eyewear stores at one of the big malls. Shopping for anything is difficult when you’re more or less defined by having some strong aesthetic opinions, because noone is ever going to make something that’s as much what you want, as you would design yourself.