2020 – Week 19

A bunch of medical appointments, and continuing to bounce back and forth between trying to model up a cart for my welders and gas cylinder, and migrating my photo library to a new organisational structure, in preparation for adopting Capture One.

Gotta say, the more time I spend in Capture One, while it feels at times a bit less Mac-y, a bit more like a UNIX X-Windows app, it does feel nicer in some respects. Maybe it’s just a feeling of security that I’m moving a big part of my creative process out of a macOS-only app, and into one that’s cross-platform, or maybe it’s that catharsis of doing some careful manual organisation, but it’s a good feeling.

A bit of the week was taken up with dicking around trying to buy a new hard drive to store all my photos. It’s a multistage process – first I have to move the files out of Aperture’s library, then fix the fact that it gets the folder structure wrong by putting things in folders with the wrong date, but once it’s all sorted, it will be a thing of beauty, and able to be adapted to any photo DAM app I want to use in the future.

And yes, we continue to live under the dome.