2020 – Week 20

Life drifts under the dome, days become weeks, weeks become months, every Sunday I look at my calendar, and realise how much more time has gone by.

This week was spent with construction noise, as the roof of the building I live in has a solar array installed. Future moment.

The singular task this week has been moving my photo library to a new drive, and new format. It’s been a slog – especially dealing with images from iOS devices, which randomly fail to include EXIF data in the files, AND don’t let you assign an image naming schema – so you’ll hae files called “IMG_1234.jpg” but no way to know for certain which device make it – an iPhone, somone else’s iPhone, an iPad – there’s no way to tell the images apart.

A lot of the detective work required looking at the filename, then looking for files with similar numbers, then inferring the dates they were shot – in one case trying to find out if there was a particular nightclub during a particular weekend in 2001.

But, by the end it was done.