2020 – Week 34, stART Week 1

This week saw the beginning of my stART Grant, and it’s been preparation – getting a handyman over to install vertical bike racks in order to get the bikes out of the way, and free up space.

Thursday was a trip up to Gympie, ~40 minutes north, to visit the large Bunnings store which has all sorts of stock my local one lacks. I managed to pick up a plastic trestle table, which I’ll use as a temporary workbench, as well as some lifting feet, which I can use to level the whole cabinet once it’s done.

Friday was a day off(ish) to rest my back, but a significant discovery was made – mirror-effect spray paint. This is a huge deal because one of the materials I work with sculpturally is a mirrored type of glass, that isn’t normally used as a mirror, and it seems that custom mirroring of glass isn’t done anywhere in Qld. The afternoon was spent filing bevels on the steel for my welding cart.

Saturday some serious cutting got underway, until my bandsaw blade snapped, and then the replacement snapped, so I was out of bandsaw blades. Replacements will need to be ordered from Brisbane.