2021 – Week 4

Took glasses back to the optician to have a look at, went back to the dentist to get the work checked, and get cast for a tooth guard to wear while I sleep. Found out a few days later I have to get it recast next week for some reason.

If there is one thing that most stands out in the move from Sydney to Regional Qld 5 years ago, it’s that finding good optical and dental care here is super-hard.

Weather-wise, iIt’s been cool, verging on cold even, so taking things slow to make up for days of missed sleep.

Friday I tried setting up my coolsuit – only to have the water bladder burst as soon as I tried adding water. The rubber had perished, so the plumbing points where the inlet & outlet tubes connect just ripped out, and the seams split.

Called the vendor, and they’re going to try to organise me a replacement.