2021 – Week 9

Lots of digital stuff – some major breakthroughs made on converting pdf files to png for publication in EPUB format. The huge show-stopper problem that previously prevented me using the built-in macOS tools to do the job, has seemingly been fixed, unbeknownst to me, so I was able to get a whole bunch of stuff automated.

I managed to update all five parts of Surfing The Deathline, and get them live on the Apple Books store, but not without them screwing a part of it up, and applying some weird colour tint to the cover art.

What seems to be happening, is that for some reason, Apple has decided two of my books should have a black base colour for their cover art, as presented on the Apple Books Preview site. It seems the website works by having a basic tone texture for the book cover, and then applying the cover art to it in multiply mode, so the tone texture produces a subtle gradient on the image.

I can inspect the page source, and if I switch off the background colour attribute in this class:

.we-artwork::after {
height: 100%;
top: 0;
background-color: var(--background-color);
left: 0;

I can return the artwork to its correct appearance.

This might all be part of that most pathetic of user-interface trends “dark mode”.