2021 – Week 16

Installed a new external Bluetooth antenna into my old Mac Pro, which seems to be alleviating the problem of my keyboard & trackpad losing connection through my desk.

Spent a bunch of time learning how to install a commandline image processor, after discovering the Apple built-in one doesn’t actually get the math correct on image scaling.

It’s a terrible dilemma – the Apple one can process all 236 pages of my book from PDF to PNG in about 3-5 minutes. Photoshop requires 35 minutes to do it – 10 times as much.

I’d hoped this commandline option might be faster, but alas, it requires a LOT more time – almost 2 hours for the full run.

So, back to relying on an ancient copy of Photoshop.

Other interesting issues, while going through Surfing The Deathline, I discovered a whole bunch of errors that have been in the published work for, up to 15 years. It’s baffling how blind you can be to your own work.