2021 – Week 44

Routine medical appointments, and work on creating the new cutting list for the hallway shelving.

I had an unsettling discovery – the front and rear fascias on my welder are cracking, and may fail while trying to lift it by its handle. They’re structural in terms of binding the handle to the actual body of the machine. It’s a worrying development in a ~20kg piece of equipment. I’ve called the company who makes it, and the parts are user-replaceable, but won’t be leaving the manufacturer, possibly in China, until November.

I managed to do some surgery on it to shorten the handle, which will relieve some of the outward pressure so that when the new fascias arrive, they should have a longer lifespan.

Aside from that, I was able to move all the gear out of the hall shelves, and move the hall shelves to the carport, then stack all the steel I had for the cupboard’s doors, back into the shelves. It works well, and I think will eventually be a superior solution to the original plan.

Also, a bit of a modification to my new temp welding cart, to make it able to fit the footprint of my welder when positioned a bit forward (and to clear the top shel’s lip which conflicts with the low port placement on the back of the welder).