2021 – Week 45

More medical stuff that always clusters at the end of the year, but I was able to get get work done on filing down the height-adjustable feet for the new shelving system, so they’ll fit in the thicker 2mm-walled tube of the steel I’m using.

Other things that are interesting from a creative perspective, I had an inspiring moment, when I realised a really doable story for the character of The Dealer from Surfing The Deathine. It’s actually a real solid story idea, a short story / spinoff that deepens the character, while having no actual impact on the main story. It’s interesting, because it’s that character’s perspective on their involvement in the events of the main book, but that involvement is only one end of their day.

I was thinking I’d maybe use it as an excuse to buy an iPad Pro, and do the whole thing digitally, but then I started to think that all the digital tools I’ve bought for a while really only succeed in making me unhappy – you’re always a victim of how the vendor chooses to change the product after you’ve bought it.

Instead, I think I’ll spend a similar amount of money on buying a stack of large format fine art paper, and draw the book as another loose wall-scale work, similar to The Metaning.