2022 – Week 21

Wild weather again – this time, the house lights went out while sitting down to dinner. All the appliances kept running, so going upstairs to investigate the fusebox, I found the safety switch wouldn’t re-engage. Going into my room to check all my gear on the UPS, everything was fine, but coming out to stand in front of the fusebox again, I felt a drip on my head, as water began emerging from the smoke detector. It is wired into the lighting circuit, which is why the lights went out.

So now we have roofing guys, and electricians surveying the damage, and suggestions that chunks of the ceiling are going to have to be ripped up due to mould. The first roofing guy is said there’s no roof damage, and it’s purely due to the aircon puling condensation out of the air. Then we had another roof guy say there is roof damage, and parts of the roof weren’t sealed properly.

End Times never end.