2019 – Week 18

A weird week in a long running twitter argument with the Australian Pirate Party (and a bunch of their fans / sockpuppets), over their policy of using eminent domain to expire all copyright after 15 years (which will put work into the public domain and make it freely sharable and copyable), which of course would screw-over artists who rely on revenue from back catalogues.

On top of that, it ignores the whole consent issue of Artists losing the right to control the conditions under which their work is accessed. While artists can currently choose to put their work into the public domain, this policy would force it upon them.

In more pleasant diversions, I made some attempts at Milky Way photography, firstly at the mouth of the Noosa river:

And then out at Hell’s Gate:

2019 – Week 17

Monday opened the week with a trip up to Tinbeewah lookout, and discovering a bit of ground that could be an interesting photo project with a macro lens.

A short middle week, before heading down for a weekend in Brisbane.

2019 – Week 16

A quiet week, the end of it the Easter long weekend. It was Easter last year that my father died, though of course the dates are different. This was a recuperation week, with bike rides, between scattered torrential downpours.

A bit of angst was had with website problems, but I managed to get them sorted.

2019 – Week 15

A week of grant writing. It’s lots of work, for what amounts to a relatively small grant amount, but it makes a huge difference in passing a critical mass of available liquidity for me to set up a welding space at home.

It’s always a process of difficult self-reflection to work on one of these sorts of things. You end up being forced to re-examine your career, your work, and then chop it down, and down, and down to meet word limits. You worry constantly about losing something essential, some nuance about yourself, by reducing your career, motivations and plans to their most basic and businesslike, and then you worry further that the examining peers won’t enjoy reading it.

But at the end, it’s done, and have a weekend off to try and recharge, before trying to get back into clearing more stuff out of my storage space.

2019 – Week 14

Quiet week recuperating from the residency, and working on my grant application.

I checked out a bunch of welding machines, and the prices are far more reasonable than I’d been expecting, which is making the whole process a lot more doable.

It rained on and off all week, including this starting just as I arrived at a spot with convenient shelter. So I sat for a few minutes while it played itself out.

Afterwards, I went down to the river again to shoot some post-storm images.

2019 – Week 13

The final week of my residency, and two of the guest artists managed to create finished works:

The week ended checking out my TIG welding skills, on both stainless steel and aluminium. From the looks of things, it seems a lot of my previous problems were down to having gloves that were too thick, which the TAFE instructor hadn’t noticed in the catastrophic garbage course I’d done previously.

2019 – Week 12

Monday, I was drenched during my bike ride, attempting to outrun a storm.

The Drenchening.

This storm, to be precise. Soon after taking this photo, the leading edge, with all its lightning was overtaking me. As I got onto the flat ground for the last 10 minutes to home, the rain started. By the time I pulled into the carport, I was wet to the skin.

After the storm, I went out to grab a few post-storm images by the river:

The middle of the week was mostly occupied with grant-writing.

Thursday & Friday saw guest artists brought in to my Noosa Mnemonic project. The first session for each was an introduction to the technology, and the application they’ll be working in. The goal is they’ll use next week to really get stuck in to work on their location, and hopefully join up with the Makerspace to finish their pieces off in their own time.

2019 – Week 11

My second week of residency, and the final one of creating work. Things went nicely – I recoloured the entire project, changing the firework explosion, as well as all the environmental lighting.

On the final day, I rebuilt the lifeguard’s tower.

Noosa Mnemonic

My latest residency project with Noosa Library Service.

The overall goal was to get multiple artists, starting with me, to recreate their favourite places in Noosa, purely from memory. Each artist will create the location within Virtual Reality, using an application called Tilt Brush, from Google.

Once the places were all created, the goal is to incorporate all of them into a single read-only VR environment, which will have its default state as a 3D topographical map of Noosa.

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2019 – Week 10

Some time working on my next grant application, and some bike riding. Thursday and Friday were spent on Week 1 of my new residency project.

The really interesting news was from chatting with one of the staff about my upcoming residency, and what I planned on doing. He asked how much I was budgeting on spending on welding training, and then mentioned that he’d been teaching and assessing welding for something like 20 years.

Holy Crap!

I’d been planning on this byzantine process of travel down to Brisbane, and hideously expensive training, this guy is offering to do it for about half the price, and lives about 10 minutes away.

So, with that in mind, my grant application is looking a lot healthier.