eastern water dragon head

eastern water dragon head: bradley's head: sydneyThose big black profile stripes behind the eyes aren’t just great camouflage, EWDs communicate or make territorial displays by holding their heads up and bobbing them up and down rapidly. It’s hilarious to watch.

eastern water dragon right side

eastern water dragon: bradley's head: sydneyI was about 3 metres (10 feet) away from this guy when shooting this. You know, there’s a reason wildlife photographers use those big fuckoff EOS soulstealing lenses. They do like to watch you when you approach them, keeping an eye pointed in your direction. There’s a reason these are all profile shots.

eastern water dragon

eastern water dragon: bradley's head: sydneyEastern Water Dragons are one of the more kick-ass reptiles in the Sydney area. Growing up to almost a metre long, and with mouths full of needle sharp teeth, they’re everything a predatory lizard should be. You find them in the middle of suburbia, really anywhere that has water and some bushland will be filled with them.

inverted gecko

gecko: noosa: queenslandGeckos who can hang upside down on surfaces. It’s rally amazing how they do this, microscopic hairs that exploit molecular attraction, sort of like atomic velcro.


gecko: noosa: queenslandOne of the funny things about Queensland is the suburban wildlife. At noosa for example, you have scrub turkeys (imagine a normal turkey, basically a wild version) wandering around the main street in the mornings. The other thing is geckos. Little, tiny, semi-translucent geckos.

a rural river

a river: dubbo: rural nswMy father used to own a small farm property, and it had a river running through it. This was when rivers tended to have at least some water in them.

What I really like about this image is the tree in the foreground as compared to the background. From memory this is only a 90 degree field of view.

glebe point waterfront

blackwattle bay: glebe: sydneyThis is, or at least was one of my favourite fishing locations, but they changed the lighting, so the water isn’t as well illuminated at night. As a result this wonderful location, such a short drive from home has more or less shut down.

Still, it’s a pretty picture. It’s also one of the most polluted places in Sydney, the sediments being filled with all sorts of crap from a hundred years worth of industrial use.

enmore design centre

enmore design centre: enmore: sydneyThis is the design college I was studying and working at for a while. It’s right down the bottom of the street I was living on at the time. Which was convenient to say the least.

trees of newtown cemetery

newtown cemetery: newtown: sydneyOne great thing about these old cemeteries, they can often represent the last remaining areas of tree cover in densely populated inner city suburbs.

This is a nice vista of the whole area inside the graveyard walls.