a graveyard corner

newtown cemetery: newtown: sydneyThis is an early attempt at a high dynamic range image. It’s a bit difficult to make out, but the location of the image is in the back of a very tight corner at one edge of the graveyard.

See all those headstones against the wall. Oh yes “You son of a bitch. You moved the cemetery, but you left the bodies, didn’t you? You son of a bitch, you left the bodies and you only moved the head stones. You only moved the head stones. Why? Why?”.

trees and graves

newtown cemetery: newtown: sydneyUnfortunately I only shot one set of exposures for this, and no nadir frame.

I may have to reshoot it to get a high dynamic range image, but that will be difficult given the tendency of trees to move in the slightest breeze. either way, it’s a nice image as it is.

st. stephen’s church

st. stephen's church: newtown: sydneyOne of Newtown’s most loved locations is St Stephens church and cemetery.

Apparently the final resting place to a number of (in)famous individuals, it’s overgrown nature makes it a picnic and photography favourite.

cloudlands house

cloudlands house: blue mountains: australiaCloudlands house is a place you can rent in the blue mountains west of Sydney. It may look like a simple weatherboard cottage, but once you’re inside it’s all dark wood panelling, fireplaces and big clawfoot baths.

on eating one’s own dogfood

Well, here we are with the new version of golgotha.com.au. All database driven, and running in wordpress. This was done as a proof of concept – that I could use a readily available free platform like WP to provide the back end engine and all the post-design editing functions.

While I’m not going all out to do web design as a profession now, on occasion if an interesting project comes along, I’d like to be able to concentrate on the design, and base it on an engine that allows the client to manage the content themselves once my work is done (so I’m not doing 1 paragraph edits for ever afterwards).

It’s been an interesting journey getting this working – interesting in the Chinese sense. The biggest obstacle has been due to a rather nasty rendering bug in Apple’s WebKit rendering engine, which is the basis of the Safari, OmniWeb and iCab browsers. But, eventually I found a workaround, and now all is working well. If you do encounter any problems, please contact me and let me know.


This poster was produced for the 2007 Sydney Supanova convention. I was a tad uneasy about this one, since it deviated from the thematic elements I’d preferred – angry female characters wielding blunt objects. Still, I’d had a few people asking for images that were less in that direction, a couple specifically asking for some sort of “cyber chick”, and thus, this image. I think this one worked worked really well from a volumetric perspective, and the character has quite a different body type from the other two, far more solid (to my eye, at least).

What I like most about this one is the compositional alignment of the cog with the knees and shoulders.

This image was printed by our new printer and is even more lustrous than the others. Again, it’s a limited run of 50, on 200gsm stock, A3 size and available from the store.


This is the most popular of the poster images I’ve created, and was done in tandem with Blank for the Sydney Supanova convention in late 2006. The character shown here may or may not make an appearance in the sequel to Surfing The Deathline, Nations.

The initial designs for the character date to 2002 when I was studying animation, during which I created a walk cycle animation of her. During a break from Surfing The Deathline I revived her for a sort of fantasy project, based around the idea of exploring queue rage – hence the name “Cliche”. As I rediscovered my enthusiasm for Surfing The Deathline I shelved the project, but who knows I may still pursue it.

Like Blank, this was a limited printrun of 50, signed and numbered. It’s printed on 200gsm stock, and A3 in size. There’s less than 10 remaining, so if you like it, go visit the store – they tend to sell pretty quickly when I do an event.


Everyone loves a girl with a shaven head, boots and a big freaking spanner.

And if you don’t, well, best say you do and avoid a spannering.

This image features the character “Blank” from Surfing The Deathline (free stuff to the first person to correctly identify the origin / reference of her name). I think as an image this is the best of the posters, mainly for the sense of weight and inertia the character carries to one side, balanced by the cog wheel.

Fun fact: the rusty metal surface of the cog is a photo of my coffee table.

The poster of this image is A3 size and printed in full colour on 200gsm stock. It’s a limited signed and numbered printrun of 50 only, and they’re available from the Golgotha store.

Supernova Sydney 2007

Supanova Sydney 2007 saw the release of a new poster “Surrender”, which was somewhat more cheesecake than the other posters.

Exhibited Works:

  • Surfing The Deathline Episode 1
  • Surfing The Deathline Episode 2
  • Blank
  • Cliche
  • Surrender

Sydney Writer’s Festival Zine Fair

The SWF Zine Festival was held outdoors on the finger wharfs in Sydney Harbour. One of the most interesting locations I’ve been in to exhibit work.

Exhibited Works:

  • Surfing The Deathline Episode 1
  • Surfing The Deathline Episode 2
  • Blank
  • Cliche