Noosa Mnemonic

My latest residency project with Noosa Library Service.

The overall goal was to get multiple artists, starting with me, to recreate their favourite places in Noosa, purely from memory. Each artist will create the location within Virtual Reality, using an application called Tilt Brush, from Google.

Once the places were all created, the goal is to incorporate all of them into a single read-only VR environment, which will have its default state as a 3D topographical map of Noosa.

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2019 – Week 38

A week of productivity:

  • I dropped off my restored glasses to have a new script put in them.
  • I went to a bunch of travel / camping stores to look at clothes for my trip.
  • I found a CNC machining company to produce the prototypes of my new camera offset plate.
  • Then I went down to Brisbane to buy travel shirts, and drop off some boots to be modified in order to be easier for travel.

I ended the week with a bike ride, for the first time in a couple of months. Trees keep disappearing in Noosa, old houses keep being demolished, and replaced with vulgar McMansion duplexes. All the bush around here is dry, the understory is clear, because the grasses are dead.

2019 – Week 37

Some good news this week, with modifications to glasses I had wanted done getting an OK from the people doing them. I’m going to have two old pairs of frames restored, repainted, repaired and modified for just $360 – which is comparable to the cost of new frames.

Tuesday I spent on actually making stuff:

I was making a physical prototype for this camera plate I want to produce. The test piece worked really well, validating my ideas, and proving the viability of the design.

On Wednesday, it was down to Brisbane to visit various camera shops – to pick up another bit for my Japan trip setup, and to exchange a bag that had arrived pre-damaged, with one that was not.

Thursday was back into CAD for rebuilding models to reflect the lessons of the physical prototype.

Friday, my glasses arrived – and they’re magnificent. They look brand new, and the modifications I wanted to one pair, make them look like they should have from the start. I am better at designing glasses, than the designer who designed these glasses.

Sunday was a walk out through the national park, to test out some new gear. Saw dozens of whales passing, as well as one of our rare wild koalas.

2019 – Week 36

Gear I bought having issues, and deciding it will need to be replaced next week. *sigh*

Not much else happened, started to put together ideas to do a little making project, to test combinations of stuff, prior to committing to a 3D print.

2019 – Week 35

A week of gear experiments, as well as the completion of the epic encryption.

I also completed a couple of versions of my new camera plate design – it was nice to get back into CAD based tasks, and the product I’ve developed out of it looks like it has real potential.

2019 – Week 34

The epic of time machine encryption continues, almost completing by the end of Sunday night, interrupted only by a suburb-wide power outage, which thankfully didn’t seem to interrupt the backup process.

I’ve spent the week putting more pieces into place for a trip to Japan in October – travel for me can be difficult, so gearing up is a major issue – I’ve tried almost every combination of camera harness and sling imaginable – to the extent that I’m currently designing a custom camera mounting plate to allow me to adapt to multiple different systems on the one camera. Thankfully I know a guy who designs custom parts for water-bombing helicopters, and has a CNC milling provider he can put me in touch with, to get it done in aviation-grade aluminium.

2019 – Week 33

Bit of a flat week feeling under the weather. Managed to clear a bit of room in my storage space, and spent a lot of the rest of the time watching over backups as they continue – the new pre-populated Time Machine drive is successfully integrated into the system, and now it’s encrypting, which will likely take more than a week.

2019 – Week 32

Monday was a bit of a bummer, I dropped out of SWELL.

This was a while coming, but effectively, once we saw the resonant wobble in the work after repairing it, it became clear that it was going to need some fairly significant engineering under the ground to dampen the movement, and without knowing anything about the geology of the site, that wasn’t going to be doable in a remote location, for a temporary installation.

To contrast with the sadness of that, Swell’s response was sympathetic, friendly and supportive, and I was made to feel welcome to return next year.

The rest of the week was spent researching stuff, and watching my Time Machine drive continue its duplication, running 24/7 for a week and a half now.


2019 – Week 31

Yet another week spent on messing around with backups – 3 days of 24/7 running time on my workstation to get to 1/3 of a duplication of a Time Machine drive. Things were going so slowly, I bought another backup drive, this time 6TB, to back up my entire system onto.

Days later, it’s still running.

Not really a great week for achievement.

One bright note, new IKEA lightning to USB cables arrived – they’re half the price & 50% longer than Apple’s cables. Plus, they have a braided nylon sheath, instead of the garbage rubberised plastic, which disintegrates around the plug end, that Apple uses.

2019 – Week 30

A clusterf*ck of a week, almost entirely spent on computer upgrades, and futzing around with trying to relink backups to upsized drives.

I bought a few interesting things that I’ve been thinking of for a while – IKEA finally have their USB to lightning cables in again, longer than Apple’s, just over half the price, and made of braided nylon, rather than Apple’s garbage splits-for-sure rubber. They say this trash fire rubber is environmentally more responsible, because it breaks down more easily, but you know what’s better? Never having to replace the cable at all.

Another thing I picked up, a mounting bracket for my Mac Pro’s second optical bay, which allows 2 SSDs to be mounted (steals the power / data from the optical drive, but no one uses one of those anyway.

The final purchase, more ram for the Mac Pro – in 2014, I bought 3x16gb sticks, at US$175 each. Nowadays, they’re US$35 each. This is the joy of “obsolete” tech.

2019 – Week 29

Quiet week – trying to figure out a solution to my Swell entry. Mentally preparing myself to cancel if necessary.

My test prints for the dropshipping print provider arrived, and they’re really interesting. Print quality is beautiful, so now it’s just to choose which paperstock is best.

Ended the week in Brisbane, seeing Primer at GOMA – such a great film.