Noosa Mnemonic

My latest residency project with Noosa Library Service.

The overall goal was to get multiple artists, starting with me, to recreate their favourite places in Noosa, purely from memory. Each artist will create the location within Virtual Reality, using an application called Tilt Brush, from Google.

Once the places were all created, the goal is to incorporate all of them into a single read-only VR environment, which will have its default state as a 3D topographical map of Noosa.

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2019 – Week 28

This week was spent in preparation to repair my Swell entry. Renting the trailer, buying the patch steel, and towing the work over to the place it was being repaired all went well enough, but once the repair was complete, we discovered a problem that may raise some real issues with the work being outdoors, and exposed to the elements – a resonant wobble that’s going to cause metal fatigue on the welds that hold the whole thing together.

2019 – Week 26

This week was largely spent checking specifications for a new camera, in the hope of lightening my carry load.

So with the end of the financial year, there were big discounts on a lot of gear, and I decided to check out Nikon’s Z7 mirrorless camera. Short version, I didn’t find it all that great. The electronic viewfinder has a fractional lag, as a result of it displaying the sensor’s output. You don’t have that with a traditional optical viewfinder, which looks through the camera’s lens.

A consequence of this, is that because the viewfinder is a small LCD screen, it produces heat, which gets projected into your eye. Probably not noticeable to most people, but with the lag, it added up to an unpleasant use experience.

So, I didn’t get it. Instead I did some shooting around Brisbane, enjoying the low-angle afternoon sun.

2019 – Week 25

Making progress on a bunch of things – Thursday night was the Immerse High prize ceremony so I was demoing VR on behalf of Noosa Library Service. It was a good night overall – lots of great work created by the kids

2019 – Week 24

A lot of this week was spent messing around with waiting on a delivery that was coming from America, for a new camera harness. Unfortunately it’s not going to work out, so I’m going to have to return it.

Aside from that, I went for a hike out through the national park… oh yeah, and shaved my head.

2019 – Week 23

I keep having these admin weeks, but so many things right now are in a transitional phase. I spent one afternoon at the library makerspace, overseeing some high school students who were working on their entries for this year’s Immerse High VR filmmaking contest.

I had to regretfully decide not to be a judge this year – there were too many entries, on too tight a schedule for me to judge it effectively to a standard that I would be happy to put my name behind. That the thing about having been a teacher, you get that need to assessments to be rigorous and falsifiable as a part of your core beliefs.

The final phase of dissolving & distributing my father’s estate is over, we still haven’t received a correct death certificate, but the solicitors handling his estate have closed the file, and washed their hands of us / thrown us under the bus.

But, it’s more or less over.

I’m going to look for a new dropship printing provider for photo prints – the last company with whom I was enquiring, seeme to have stopped responding to emails.

Went for a bike ride Sunday afternoon, and had a wildlife encounter:

2019 – Week 22

Most of this week was spent on getting material together for my Swell entry – trying to get the work out of storage and photographed, trying to get me photographed, etc.

2019 – Week 20

I’ve been doing a bit of admin and gear speccing. After nearly being side-swiped yet again by a dickhead in a 4 door 4WD ute, I’ve decided to get a helmet-cam so I can record my rides, and any sonofabitch who fucks with me while I’m riding.

The camera I ended up buying is a little Sony actioncam, that comes with a waterproof housing, and a helmet mounting system. Going to be interesting to see how it all works out when mounted to the helmet.

Saturday night, I went out to a club, to try and get over the horrorshow of the federal election.


2019 – Week 19

Some more astrophotography, and life admin things – various medical and storage-related cleanups.

Saturday was the Fusion Festival at Cooroy, where I was demonstrating VR again.

The makerspace during a quiet moment.

Prior to everyone arriving, I was able to have a quick play with the gear to do a bit of gestural doodling:

There’s no dignity for people working in VR.