2020 – Week 3

Quiet week – had an electrician out trying to figure what’s wrong with the air conditioning, and looking into wiring in a new point to set up my welding gear.

Went to an exhibition on Friday night, with a bit of a stressy drive home – torrential rain, dark country roads, and oncoming traffic do not make for a great combination.

2020 – Week 2

A chill week, getting back into the rhythm of bike rides every day, and avoiding the heat. It’s amazing how quickly you lose condition when you skip riding regularly, and how much harder it is to regain it in hot weather.

Spent the weekend in Brisbane, and checked out an exhibition of spiders, including numerous live specimens, at the Qld Museum, then saw the new film 1917, which is amazing and gut-wrenching.

2020 – Week 1

A week of holiday, the highlight of which was New Year’s Eve. I set up a projector over the pool, invited friends around, and we spent the night floating in armchair Li-Los, drinking margaritas, ordering pizza, and watching horror comedy films.


Had stitches out the day before, and felt a lot better with them gone. I was able to get back on my bike, and start exercising again. Huzzah!

2019 – A Wrapup.

2019 started with high hopes for diving back into EPUB development. I put huge amounts of time into redesigning my EPUB books to be able to have their text on a separate layer, so different translations could be done, and to allow the artwork to be user-selectable between finished, sketch, and thumbnail versions.

Weeks were spent trying to get the image outputting from InDesign to work correctly, and I had more or less cracked it, and knew theoretically how it would all be achieved.

Unfortunately, updates to Apple’s books platform broke the core functionality I relied upon, and all my books on the Apple Books store are now broken.

My uncle, Travor Ashton, a wonderfully generous man, sadly passed away.

I entered a major outdoor sculpture festival, and put a bunch of work in to applying for a grant to cover training costs to refresh my welding skills.

Unfortunately, my grant application was unsuccessful, and the sculpture, once repaired, displayed some significant structural weaknesses when exposed to driving wind, that meant i would be unable to install it at the event, so I had to pull out.

I had a new residency project, Noosa Mnemonic – a VR recreation of Noosa, based on people recreating in VR, places they love in Noosa, working only from memory. The goal was to have all the separate places added together into a single VR environment. I created a really interesting new VR location, and arranged for other artists to contribute locations.

Unfortunately, by the end of the year, it seemed to have become moribund, lacking for funding, and a reduced scope that makes the vision more of less moot. After breaking myself on the previous year’s major project for the Drone Racing course, I resolved to be less emotionally invested in this project, so C’est la vie.

I did some more VR outreach projects for the Library Makerspace – I really wonder if I’ve missed my true calling, because I love doing public outreach events.

My bike was serviced, and I was able to get back into riding periodically. It’s good for my mental health. The bike works better now than it ever had since new. I bought a helmet-mounted action-cam, and took to videotaping all my rides, so as to protect myself from incompetent drivers.

We sold my late father’s house, and dissolved his estate. It was finally over. I find myself on occasion missing him, missing that ability to have someone to talk to, who was largely removed from my life, but towards the end, there wasn’t much left to say. His ideas and opinions had been so poisoned by the right-wing internet, that in the end, I was left with very little in the way of happy memories about him.

I started investigating drop-shipping my photo prints as I dipped a toe into Instagram, but then Instagram changed the ability to see metrics of user interaction with posts, and it became yet another platform that one has to question if it’s worth the effort.

More upgrades and updated to my 10 year old Mac Pro tower. it’s such a dependable tank of a machine, frankensteined to hell as it is.

Toward the last third of the year, gearing up for internatonal travel to Japan, gained a sense of urgency, and I designed and had fabricated a set of camera mounting plates to let me better mount my camera on a backpack, while remaining connected to my sling-strap. The design was a pretty amazing success.

Then, I was in Japan, and three of the happiest weeks of my life. Magical country, and I wish I could live in a country mountain town, with the constant sound of running water. The cities weren’t so much my thing, but I could spend months travelling around on local trains, seeing the little farming communities.

Once I came back, there was a lot of lost time – administrative things, medical things – I saw The Sisters Of Mercy play live – a lifelong ambiton, and they were “meh”.

The year ended sitting on inflatable pool chairs with friends, drinking margaritas in the pool, watching Return of The Living Dead on a projector I’d rigged up to screen onto the side of the building.

It was a year of highs and lows, but then aren’t they all?

2019 – Week 52

A pretty stiff and sore week, with stitches in my side keeping movement pretty restricted. Spent a bit of time working on picking up bits and pieces for New Years Eve plans.

A wounded end to a pretty up and down sort of year.

2019 – Week 51

Had a core sample taken out of me to be biopsied this week. So I’ve been pretty immobile, with stitches and feeling pretty uncomfortable.

2019 – Week 48

A week of general round the house stuff, and catching up with folks. Saw a play in Brisbane – Die Hard, The Movie, The Play – which was pretty amazing, and wonderfully meta.

Attended an Xmas party for a game development studio, which had a very high (non refundable) bar tab, ad only around half the number of attendees originally predicted. A lot of top shelf drinks and cocktails were consumed.