clouds and torn wire

clouds and torn wire: enmore: sydneyAhh, the beautiful freedom of clouds, through a tear in the wire. If you look really hard you can see unicorns frolicking and farting rainbows as well.

stairway silhouette

stairway silhouette: enmore: sydneyAs much as I love high dynamic range photography, there really is something beautiful about shots like this. This is another of those accidental gems I discovered while going through the shots used in a panorama.

converging lines

converging lines: enmore: sydneyThis image was from one of my panoramic shoots. It’s nice the way you get these alignments in the built environment, just through chance.

light tracks

aeroplane lights: enmore: sydneyThe place I used to live in at Enmore had a back yard that had a view of the airport glide paths, so you’d see planes coming in over the adjoining suburbs. The perfect opportunity to experiment with long exposure photography.


gears: petersham: sydneyFooling around with Macro photography, which is one of the strengths of the old Coolpix 995.

What you see here is the rather impressive gearing of the legendary Abu Ambassadeur 10,000CL. It’s a fishing reel. A pretty impressive one as well, since this gearing happens to be an automatic 2 speed gearbox. The way it works is if you’ve got a really big fish on the gearing drops to a lower level, but if the strain lets off, for instance if the fish swims towards you, it instantly switches back to the high gearing for quick line pickup. I bought this many years ago, and have never really encountered a fish that required it.

farm machinery

farm machinery: dubbo: nswYeah, I was getting artsy. Though, I’ve kept this photograph on file because these teeth make great texture for illustrations.

a strangled tree

a strangled tree: dubbo: nswYou’ve got to, well not love, but something, the thought process that lead someone to think “Yes, that living, growing tree will be a perfect fencepost. Let me wrap barbed wire around it”.

It makes a nice statement in front of all that thoroughly domesticated farmland.